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Частная школа Балтика Колледж

The curriculum of the private school "Baltica College"

The concept of the school is harmonious development of a student in psychologically comfortable conditions, formation of his/her success today as a guarantee of well-being in the future.

The training program includes:

State educational standard
Supplementary education
Along with the general subjects, from the 1st year of training:

2-3 foreign languages (English, German, French);
Pictorial arts;
History of St. Petersburg;
World arts and cultures.
On the 9th - 11th years we arrange training for entering universities under individual programs.

Educational program for children aged from 1.5 to 3 years

Fairy-tale therapy – game – training: learning to communicate, mastering the ability to express one's thoughts, behavior correction, formation of interest in cognizing the world and oneself, interest in learning, focus on development of the child's personality, his/her creative abilities, formation of the holistic picture of the world.
Finger and speech exercises. The purpose of finger gymnastics is development of fine motor skills (preparing the hand for writing - drawing on spilled cereals, playing with water, plasticine, special toys, mosaic). The purpose of speech gymnastics is development of phonematic hearing; preparation of the kid's speech apparatus for due articulation of sounds (tongue and lips gymnastics, breathing exercises).
Rhythmoplasty - we introduce the children to the rhythm, tempo, teach them to move to the music, to control the body, develop the motor skills (flexibility, endurance, jumping ability).

Educational program for children aged from 4 to 6 years-preparation for school

The main purpose of the course is comprehensive development of the child; development of his/her intellectual and creative resources, personal qualities.

The preschool stage of the mathematics program consists of two parts:

classes in mathematics for children aged 3-4 and 4-5;
classes in mathematics for children aged 5-6 and 6-7.
The main tasks of the mathematical development are:

formation of motivation and desire to learn;
increasing the memory and attention potential;
formation of mental action techniques;
development of variaties thinking, creative abilities;
formation of general educational skills and abilities (the ability to think over and plan the actions, to realize the decision in accordance with the rules);
The classes "On the Way Towards the Alphabet" prepare the preschoolers for the course of learning literacy in primary school, develop the children's verbal speech, enrich the active, passive and potential vocabulary of the child. The speaking capabilities of 4-5-6-year-old children are much broader than traditionally assumed, and our course is designed with regard for these resources. We use the elements of logopedic therapy for speech development, which method is focused on prevention of errors in reading and writing.

The child masters the norms of speech behavior at the preschool rhetoric lessons. We strive to ensure that our children feel comfortable in any environment, in any verbal situation, so that they could easily enter into a dialogue, rationalize their point of view, show themselves as attentive listeners and friendly interlocutors, for our children to be in command of non-verbal means of communication; to pull it all together – they should grow up into kind, clever, intelligent and sociable people.

The preschooler cognizes the external world in the process of interaction with it, and at the same time gets to know himself.

At the classes "I Learn Myself", the child gains a certain knowledge of himself and the world around him, using the exercises in drawing and technical modelling.

Time table

Lessontime *
1 lesson09.30-10.15
2 lesson10.25-11.10
3 lesson11.20-12.05
4 lesson12.25-13.10
5 lesson13.20-14.05
6 lesson14.15-15.00
7 lesson15.10-15.55
8 lesson16.05-16.50
* Coming to school before 15 minutes of starting lessons


School Subjects1 cl.2 cl.3 cl.5 cl.6 cl.7 cl.8 cl.9 cl.10 cl.11 cl.
Russian language5556644442+2(USE)
Nature study222-------
History of the city1111111112
Optional class1 cl.2 cl.3 cl.5 cl.6 cl.7 cl.8 cl.9 cl.10 cl.11 cl.
German language2222333333
French language----222222
Word culture1111111111
Physical education2222222222

Administration of the school «Baltica College»

DirectorBorisova Ludmila Nikolaevna
Helper of the directorKhaitina Nataliya Vladimirovna
Helper of the directorSobyanina Irina Iosifovna
DoctorAntonova Anna Rudolfovna

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